About Us

The History

The original by-pass compound feeder consisted of a yoke, screw and clamp device, sealing a flat gasket to the feeder neck. This arrangement potentially allowed an operator to open the feeder top under pressure, resulting in bodily harm from chemicals or high temperature water.

In 1955, L.W. Fleckenstein saw the need for a safe, quick open-close cover for the water softener tank industry and patented the original Fleck Closure. In 1966, Vector Industries recognized the potential for the Fleck Closure and introduced it to the water treatment industry. With the easy-open-close operation and the non-removal under pressure feature, the Fleck Closure soon became a standard in that industry.

Today, Vector Industries, Inc. maintains the tradition of a completely safe sealing device, and continues to provide a precision machined closure with strength, reliability and extra long life in the original Fleck Closure.

Jim Fitzgerald purchased the company in 1999 and introduced many new products and perfected many others. Jim’s goal was to make products that were easy to use in the field and in turn cut down service time.