Biocide Accessories
Vector Industries provides replacement parts and accessories for our Biocide Feeders.

Accessories Include:
Flow Meter (B100-20 and B75-10)
Universal Fill Funnel (4060 F)
Valve Kit (B10-VP)
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Biocide Feeders
Our Biocide Feeders come furnished with PRV-125 Pressure Relief valve. We also have solid white feeders available.
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Bypass Feeders
All of our Bypass feeders are made with a heavy gauge carbon steel, coated with a superior chemical resistant epoxy powder coating. The feeder tanks featuring the Fleck Closure are tested safe to pressures up to 200 PSI (13.6 BAR) @ 200° F (93° C) and the Funnel style feeders are tested to pressures of 300 PSI (20.4 BAR) @ 200° F (93° C). The original quarter-turn Fleck Closure assembly included with all of our FA-700, FA-1000, and FA-900 models are completely coated on all surfaces as to inhibit chemical corrosion and wear.
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Bypass Accessories
Vector Industries provides all the necessary replacement parts and accessories for our Bypass Feeders.
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Injection Quill
100 % 316 Stainless Steel Injection Quill Assemblies
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